Algeos was looking to build awareness of its desire to do things differently in a crowded market dominated by a number of large corporates in the US and Germany.

Algeos is a Liverpool-headquartered family business which can trace its history back to the 1880s. In the last five years it has gone from being a purely UK focussed business to one with offices in the Middle East, United States and Australia.


We developed and delivered a high profile global PR campaign building awareness of Algeos’s innovation, exclusive product launches and desire to challenge a number of established healthcare beliefs.

We also created Exceed magazine – the first trade magazine bringing together the multi-disciplinary worlds of podiatry, physiotherapy and orthotics and prosthetics.


Sustained high profile media coverage has been achieved in the UK and internationally, including support for major event sponsorships to further build brand awareness.

Exceed magazine has been well received and is now regularly distributed to more than 4,000 professionals practising in the sector.

We have also developed and published a second magazine, called The Quarter, to help keep Algeos staff and its partners up to date with all of the company’s news.

In addition, we have provided strategic marketing advice and support with development of new brand identities and campaign strategies.