POSTED BY Lucy Mason ON THE 28th February 2022

Two alpacas called Alex and Bethany helped us to make headlines around the world for a Welsh care home.

The woolly visitors popped into The Oaks Care Home in Newtown, Powys, on Friday afternoon to meet residents, who were just getting ready to play bingo.

They joined them at afternoon tea in the lounge and even popped up in the home's lift to see residents in their bedrooms on the top floor.

100-year-old resident Frances Williams, who was visited by the alpacas in her bedroom, said: “Oh my gosh. What a shock! I was just watching afternoon television when they walked in. It was lovely to stroke them.”

Resident Sylvia Hughes, 79, chuckled: “Oh my lord I’ve seen it all now! You have absolutely made my day.”

The home's manager Daniel Hart said: “Some of our residents mentioned that they’d love a trip to Chester Zoo but we thought it would be more fun to bring the animals to them."

Outlets as far as China and America covered the story, as well as local, regional and national media.