POSTED BY Lucy Mason ON THE 28th December 2022

Mason Media will celebrate 20 years in business during 2023.

During those two decades, the media landscape has changed dramatically with 24-hour news, online media and social media having become staples in our everyday lives.

But for all the change, one constant remains the same – the importance of storytelling.

Finding, articulating and sharing the story is still what makes the media tick – it’s just the production format and channels of communication which have developed during the last 20 years.

For many Mason Media clients this now means providing media platforms with a combination of words and video content, meeting editors’ requirements to ensure they can enable their readers, viewers and listeners to access content when and how they want.

For many of our clients, the written word remains hugely important, helping them to bring to life their news stories and thought leadership articles and ensure they are published by the media that matters most to them and their customers.

Story planning is also a big part of what we do – ensuring that our clients are regularly featured in the media – online and print – with relevant, engaging and informative content and forming an integral part of their own wider marketing communications mix.

We also create video content for our clients, something increasingly sought by media to enhance the engagement potential with their audiences, as well as to support a client’s own marketing channels such as website, social media channels and customer presentations.

On occasion, contacts in the media have asked us to generate our own short videos, enabling clients to react quickly to key events in the diary such as the Chancellor’s Budget. Being able to react swiftly to a journalist’s looming deadline can mean the difference between securing high-profile media coverage for a client or missing out on the opportunity.

During the last couple of decades, Mason Media has worked with clients across pretty much every sector and with media ranging from the international to the hyper-local.

There are now more media outlets that every before, mainly driven by the explosion in online media during the last 20 years. MailOnline, now one of the most widely consumed media platforms in the world, only launched in 2003 and most of its competitors within the UK national media have only started to switch on to the vital role online media now plays during the last few years.

The vast growth in media, locally, nationally and globally, presents businesses, organisations and individuals with an incredible opportunity to harness its power to build and sustain profile and reputation.

But with so many companies and brands competing for media attention, the key to success lies in your ability to plan and tell your stories in the most engaging way possible.

This is what Mason Media has been doing since 2003, supporting our clients in growing their brands, winning new customers, attracting great people, building value in their businesses and winning awards. When necessary, we’ll also help our clients to manage their reputation through our crisis communications service.

Interested in discovering more? Contact us to arrange a call to discuss how Mason Media can potentially support your business or organisation in 2023.