One of the most satisfying parts of my job is meeting entrepreneurs and hearing about their businesses.

POSTED BY ON THE 23rd April 2018

Over the years, we have met with hundreds, if not thousands of business owners, all full of passion and drive to succeed.

Because we predominantly work with small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), ranging from start-ups to businesses that are beginning to motor, they do not have substantial marketing budgets. Our clients are in Chester, Wirral, Liverpool, North Wales and elsewhere in the UK.

Advertising campaigns in print or online are often beyond their reach.

What does work, if done well, is PR. The job of MASON PR is to understand your business – what it does, who your customers are, who your competitors are – and then craft your story.
We have extensive background working within the national media, including the Daily Mail in London and Manchester.

We know what makes a ‘story’ and will work with you to pull together all the constituent parts – where did the idea come from, what makes it different, what is the background of the entrepreneur, what are the business’s growth plans including potential overseas expansion?

We’ll also need great photography – both of the founders / management team and, if appropriate, your products.

Where budgets allow, we also encourage our PR clients to think about the value of great video content. This is becoming more and more important.

Only last week, we secured great media coverage in the Daily Express for our client Gas Tag, a private equity-backed gas safety tech platform. In addition to being the main business story of the day in the newspaper, the business editor also carried a longer version of the story online and embedded a video provided by the company which promoted its Axe Safety Tax campaign, which seeks to have VAT on safety products removed.

All of this great content was perfect for sharing across the company’s Linked In pages and various other social media platforms. It also gave the company’s sales team fantastic content to share with prospective customers.

Liverpool-based Gas Tag is a disruptive tech company looking to change the face of household safety and compliance.

The best way to educate its potential customers – in particular, housing associations which are responsible for millions of homes in the UK – is through thought leadership.

Telling the story behind Gas Tag across the national and regional media has proven the most powerful and cost effective way to achieve this to date. Gas Tag gets talked about in the right circles.

Journalists are bombarded with press releases and phone calls from PR companies every day. It therefore means something when a journalist chooses to run your story. You haven’t bought the space in the media – you have earned it through the quality of your story and your offering as a business.

Our clients come to us for PR that cuts through. One long-term partner describes it as the ‘killer PR’. In his case, it gave his drink brand the breakthrough it had been desperately seeking that would make the supermarkets sit up and take notice.

As a result, the brand, Pomegreat, gained listings across virtually all of the supermarkets, which paved the way for the rapid scaling up of the business and an eventual exit for the founder.

We’d love to hear your business story. If you’d like to share it with us – and find out what the right kind of PR can do for you – give me a call on 07903 237008 or email me –