Bring your brand to life through engaging video content

POSTED BY Lucy Mason ON THE 25th June 2018

In an era where we are persistently overloaded with information across social media, it’s often difficult for smaller brands to have their voices heard. So, the question that Mason sets out to answer is: Why Video?

We believe it’s paramount to use powerful visual media to promote your brand. Video has become a very cost-effective form of communication which allows you to demonstrate your product and service benefits in ways that photos and text cannot.

Outlined are Mason’s reasons on why you simply can’t ignore video any longer:

-       Beat the competition: Video allows your brand to get up close and personal with your visitors – giving you the edge over your competitors.

-       Humanize: If your brand can use real people within promotional videos, you’re giving your audience a chance to put a face to all those words and images on your site.

-       Visual: A video could act as a conversation starter and open the lines of communication by welcoming your visitors to your site.

-       Mobile users: Videos, in general, are an incredibly shareable content type - 92% of people who watch videos on their phones share them with others.

-       SEO: Back in 2016, Wistia – an internet video hosting and analytics company - found that, when video is present, users spend an average of 7 minutes and 21 seconds on those pages. Compare that to pages without video, where users spent an average of 2 minutes and 48 seconds.

-       Engagement – Audiences are far more likely to engage, embed, share and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts.

Brand video storytelling has grown in popularity for many reasons. The technology has improved, social platforms have embraced it, and audiences prefer it as a method of communication.

Video presents a fantastic opportunity to tell a captivating brand story in an absorbing and simple process.

At Mason we now offer a full range of video services including filming, production and editing. Call us today to find out more.