After 14 years in business, we have changed our brand name from Mason Media to Mason.

POSTED BY Lucy Mason ON THE 12th December 2017

Why the change?

Well, like all good businesses, we have evolved a lot since we first started out in 2003.

Back in those days, the majority of people still took a daily newspaper and businesses were only beginning to embrace the need for a company website.

Linked In had only just launched, Facebook was still a few months away and the first Apple iPhone would not be unveiled until 2007.

In the early days, our focus was largely on achieving breakthrough publicity for our clients in national and regional media.

Today, this continues to be an important part of what makes us tick, but we also offer a range of other complementary services including marketing strategy, brand development, magazine publishing and social media campaigns.

While the ‘media’ bit of what we do is still extremely relevant, we felt it was time to rename ourselves Mason.

In any case, it is what many of our clients call us.

What hasn’t changed since we first opened our doors 14 years ago is the commitment to providing our clients with the best advice for their businesses.

We call this ‘strategic thinking’ and it underpins every Mason client relationship.

We take the time to properly understand your business or organisation and its marketing and wider business objectives.

From this initial understanding comes the right advice to achieve your goals.

We’ll assign the best team to partner with you and agree a very clear plan as to the direction of travel and timeframe.

We believe our new brand and this website gives a good feel for what Mason is all about. If you feel we might be well-placed to support you with your PR and Marketing strategy, please drop us a line to start a discussion.